Fresh seafood from New Zealand for the weekend.
All our seafood products are always fresh, never frozen.


The flesh is white to pinkish in colour.
It has a lean, firm texture that is mild and delicate in flavour.

Orange Roughy.

This deep ocean dweller has a mild taste with firm- finely textured white flesh.
Nutrition facts per 85g
Calories 75
Fat.        0.75g
Protein.  16g

Cloudy Bay Diamond Shell Clams.

From the pristine waters of the New Zealand coast, Diamond clams are harvested from the 3 to 5 metre surf zone. It is characterized by its sweet, fresh sea spray aroma and clean ocean flavour. When cooked, the clam exhibits a fresh fragrant scent of seaweed, with a rich,  buttery flavour and a discreet nutty aftertaste.